When should you visit the Chevrolet Maintenance Centre?


When should you visit the Chevrolet Maintenance Centre3

A car needs regular maintenance, and it is no different from the Chevrolet models. If you drive frequently, it is recommended that you should bring in the car after every 15,000 miles for changing the oil. But it does not mean you should neglect any warnings if the car starts to show signs in the interim. If you notice that the dashboard lights are on, strange noises can be heard from the, or you see smoke from the engine, you should immediately bring in the car for proper maintenance. You should make sure that you are following the Chevrolet maintenance schedule if you would not like to incur some major repair costs.

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When should you visit the Chevrolet Maintenance Centre 4

What should you do after the different milestones?

The car has specific requirements, and you can get it fulfilled at the service center. Let us take a look at the services that you would require after the different milestones:

1. After 7,500 miles – The car would definitely need a service after it has traveled 7,500 miles. The technicians would take care of a few things when you bring in the car for service:

  • check the engine oil and change it
  • run the vehicle diagnostics
  • rotate the tires so that wear and tear can be balanced
  • replenish the vehicle fluids

When should you visit the Chevrolet Maintenance Centre 1

2. After 15,000 miles – It is recommended to have the tires rotated. The oil would need to be changed again. Other services like the following might be required:

  • changing the cabin air filter
  • replacing the brake fluid
  • adjustment of the parking brake
  • inspection of the exhaust, suspension, and the cooling systems

3. After 30,000 miles – The service appointment made after the 30,000 miles mark would include all the service procedures mentioned. There would be proper diagnostics, and the spark plug would be checked as well. It is essential to pull in the vehicle for service after such a long time. This is because if things like the spark plug go unnoticed, the performance of the vehicle engine would go down.

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When should you visit the Chevrolet Maintenance Centre 2

How vital is vehicle maintenance?

Tire rotations, changing the oil regularly and multipoint inspection are needed for your vehicle to perform reliably. You can also avoid major issues and save money if you take your car in for regular maintenance. The problems would be caught ahead of time, and they would be fixed even before they can start causing troubles. The maintenance schedule is a fundamental condition of the manufacturer warranties. If you fail to keep up with the maintenance, you might be voiding the warranty. Check-in at the Chevrolet dealership Pinehurst if you would like to get excellent services and a look at the exquisite Chevrolet models.

Final Verdict: Failing to keep up with the maintenance schedule would only damage your car and cause you to spend more on unwanted and unforeseen issues. You and your vehicle would be better off if you go in for regular maintenance.

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