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This year will undoubtedly be one filled with stress. With last year’s coronavirus spread and the ensuing economic crisis, people from all over the world (who have to change their way of life and work routine) feel so stressed and anxious. Whether we want it or not, we are currently dealing with many events and future speculations, and sometimes we need to refresh emotionally. In this light, we all need to consider our mental health as we advance and look out for stress-relieving solutions.

Although the usual ways to get off stress (hanging out with friends, reading a book, etc.) still work for many people. However, with digitalization, there are some new ways to relieve stress and take care of your mental health.

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Many people spend long hours on their gadgets – laptops, smartphones, and the likes – so the mobile market is filled with several calming applications that allow users to get emotional relief at their fingertips. There are many of these stress-relieving apps. All you need to is look at them closely, and you’ll undoubtedly be able to pick out what quality set will suit your needs and give you emotional balance.

We have surveyed some 2021 stress relieving apps that are great stress solutions and have prepared a brief review of each of them for you. Notwithstanding, bear in mind that an app will not take the place of mental health professional.

Headspace – Must try once

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Headspace is one of the tremendous stress-relieving app available. Aside from its countless themed meditations, it takes you through the correct technique. As a stress relief app, Headspace offers you meditations ranging from stress, sleep, work, politics, ageing anxiety, and many more.

The Headspace app is user-friendly, and it’s all-inclusive for all age groups. It can be used comfortably. The design is perfect, and the user interface is innate. There is a guide for every meditation, so all users find this approach appealing.

Headspace is all about being affectionate to your mind. Users can get access to tons of guided meditations on all topics, from stress to sleep. The app also offers a free two-week trial for first-timers. More so, you can have short reflections and sleep sounds anytime alone or in the company of expert guidance to ease your mind into a natural, restful sleep.


There is a subscription plan for everyone – individual, family and student

There are specific courses on stress and anxiety

Users can enjoy a two-week free trial


The most valuable meditations need a subscription to unlock them

There is a lot of focus on meditation instead of anxiety-specific healing techniques

Subscription is pricey

Zen Lounge – Recommended

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With all the uncertainties around us and stressful thoughts, the Zen Lounge app is one app that helps you to de-stress and unwind. It is the best stress-relieving app available presently. The Zen Lounge refreshes your mind and offers you an opportunity to get back to the world full of life. The new version of Zen lounge offers an unique feature of planting a tree for every premium member – and membership cost is just at 1.79$ per month.

With 40,000 combinations possible, though I doubt someone would every try all of them, this app offers one hundred percent pure relaxation through its ability to give you an atmosphere with melodies and nature sounds for a soothing experience. The music for relaxation and relieving stress gives you a peaceful sound that improves your mental health and takes your mind to a new state.


Free App with very few ads

Premium version is quite cheap

Tree planting feature for premium members

Melody and sound collection


No Guided meditation

No Sleep stories

The Zen Lounge stress relaxing sound app is the super relief you seek. It relies on the loving kindness meditation – so the more you meditate the more the planet goes green.

Get onto an adventure of unravelling a better lifestyle with Zen Lounge stress relief sounds. Relax and reach a state of zen!


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Happify is a stress app that helps its users get the better of stress and other dark emotions. It helps switch your daily routine or succeed with the new sound and healthful ones. This science-based solution can be installed on all devices – smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Happify offers its consumers absolute distinct activities which will help boost their mood and track down their happiness score. The app has a lot of attractive features, proposed exercises, games, and mini assignments. All users of this stress-relieving app will enjoy fighting stress and other odd moods daily with these features.

Instead of hanging on a stressed and depressive mood, people can leverage happify to add fun to their lives. Happify intends to achieve this by providing science-based games to defeat negative thoughts.

Applying a combination of techniques from mindfulness and positive psychology, Happify masks sound healing techniques as fun and attractive games. Reports from the app indicate that Happify helps 86% of its users get off stress and feel better after two months of consistent use. You can get access to all of Happify’s content with a subscription charge of $140 per year.

GPS for the soul

This is a great help to measure stress levels for mobile device users. The app works with your heart rate. It uses camera and smartphone tools to evaluate your heart rate, issue results and provide suggestions on how you could feel better and get back lively.

The app works like a GPS but, in this case, for the mind by providing you with a way to achieve your calm mood and exhibiting pictures, playing music, poetry, and the likes.

Users are attracted to this app because of its unique interactive nature. The app can predict your mood and helps you in getting back on almost immediately. With the rate at which people are getting stress, this app is becoming well-known on the market. However GPS for the soul is available to limited countries only and only in IOS version.


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While stress is not limited to adults alone, colorfy is our best pick for teens, and this is why.

Meditations and other breathing drills may not be typical for teens to obtain, but colorfy can focus their minds through colouring.

Colorfy is an art and colouring game app created to help users focus their attention and get their minds relaxed while having fun. There are lots of tangible tasks to get your hands working on. There are several arts and designs to colour, like animals, patterns, etc., which may be complex or straightforward. Also, colorfy has a feature where the users can upload his or her own drawings or designs to color.


The app focuses and calms you off stress through art therapy

There are weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription options

The app has over 1,000 pictures available to color


If the app is deleted, all the artwork done is lost.

Although the app is listed as free, users can only access limited pictures to color if they do not subscribe.

Take Away

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It’s no news that the pandemic and the new normal have brought upon us stress. A stress-relieving app can be a great startup, mainly if you pick out the right idea. These apps can help you reduce stress and anxiety, make you get better sleep and an outstanding emotional balance. If you’re looking at getting a melodious relaxation into your everyday life with a free app to get you emotionally reloaded, then look no further than Zen Lounge. You may also choose to explore other stress apps and see what works for you.

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