Read To Know About Fishing In Tenerife


If you want to go fishing legally in Tenerife then you must have a license. You can obtain your license in Santa Cruz, which is opposite the ferry port. You will have to personally apply for it after showing your passport or your NIE certificate.

You must get for sea fishing Tenerife in the morning because the office generally closes at 1 PM.  So, you must allow yourselves a few hours to do all the necessary formality. Once you complete the form, you will get a payment slip for taking to the bank.

It will cost you 14.35 Euro, which will cover the entire Canary Islands and also mainland Spain and will last for 3 years. While returning to the office, your license will be ready for you.

Fishing In Tenerife

What you need to carry

1. Tackle

A telescopic rod, according to many fishermen, is more than suitable for doing shore fishing in Tenerife. As a result, you may either bring your own or buy one cheaply once you get to Tenerife.

It is a good idea to have some wire traces on hand because some fish will easily bite through the line.

Tackle shop locations are a little hazy, however, one has been reported behind the location Restaurante Bahia on the Los Cristianos harbor. Many sporting goods stores only have limited fishing equipment on hand.

2. Bait

Bread flake, sweetcorn, sausage bits, pig scratchings, and also raw prawns can work as effective bait.

Try shrimp or fish pieces for bottom fishing.

In principle, fishing areas are in the most remote locations. In most situations, the fisherman may be seen crammed into the hotspots of Playa San Juan and Palm Mar like sardines.

Anglers can be found poised precariously above the waves particularly on the not-so-comfortable weed-covered rocks and gullies that will form rock pools as the tide is out if you travel down any coastal trail.

Before they can even cast a rod, they have to figure out how to reach some of the sites. They may be seen in Los Gigantes beside Crab Island and beneath the Barcelo Santiago.

Fishing In Tenerife

They will always be there, whether the sea remains calm or the waves crashing like cymbals, on a certain rugged stony shoreline or isolated rocky outcrop that will rise up to jagged cliffs, fully knowing there is fish-eating, will hide from predators, and stay out of the worst situation of the tidal flow around the nooks and crannies.

Diego Hernandez, a little beach approximately 200 meters long having calm waters and nearly entirely formed of white volcanic sand, is one of the more remote beaches worth visiting.

It is located in between El Puertito and La Caleta and is usually reserved for insiders; just around a dozen people visit the beach at any given time.

Tenerife fishing tour

There will be no limits during this 4-hour Club Canary boat fishing trip, and you will become a part of an exclusive group of people who share a real passion for sport fishing.

They can help you regardless of your current ability level because they have been fishing on Tenerife’s southwestern shore for more than twenty years.

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