List of Top Amenities You Need to Include to Get Your Home Booked


Even though the vacation rental business is a popular way to get a good income, providing convenient and comfortable amenities is the key step to get success. According to a survey, nearly 97% of people claimed that amenities affect the experience of the travel and quality of vacation.

Most travelers look for a hassle-free pleasant experience. Meeting their expectations will help you to make your vacation home stand out from others.

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List of top vacation home amenities

Whether you have a vacation rental property or looking to purchase one, then you must go through this article. It helps you to choose the best amenities to enhance the experience of your guests and get more bookings.

24/7 check-in

Travelers may arrive at any time, and any day a few of them will travel without any planning. So, it’s ideal to arrange an automated machine to check-in. It helps the guests to access the property through the keyless entry, lockbox, or others. This is one of the best amenities to make an impression on the guests.

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Hot tub or pool

Most travelers give priority to this amenity when booking a vacation. A pool at the vacation home attracts families and groups who like to splatter. If you have access to the pool don’t forget to let the guests be aware regarding it.

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Fast accessibility to WiFi

Accessibility to technology became the top amenity to consider in a vacation rental property these days. WiFi access became necessary in vacation rental properties. Most guests expect Wifi access in their rental package. Having fast Wifi connection will help you in making your guests use social media platforms and others easily.

Dining room and open space

A dining room and open space not only make the home look bigger but also add a homely touch as well. Open living space is ideal for many reasons, such as getting relaxed, watching TV, spending time with friends or family, and more.

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Streaming or cable TV services

Most guests opt for a vacation rental that offers cable TV services. So, having a TV that allows access to live television and Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others is ideal for your vacation rental.

Pamphlets, maps, recommendations, and guide books

Make sure that you provide information about local events, restaurants, cafes, and more for your guests. Providing pamphlets and maps of local features including historical places, national parks, museums, theaters, shopping areas, and others will help the guests to make their vacation more enjoyable.

Welcome kit

Providing a complimentary welcome kit is one of the best ideas to grab the attention of the guests. A welcome kit shouldn’t be expensive; you can offer anything from candies to popular local goodies to welcome the guests on their arrival at the rental home. This leaves a lasting impression of your rental home in the guest’s mind. List of few items that you can add to your welcome kit are:

  • Books
  • Drinks or snacks
  • Greeting cards
  • Personalized gifts
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Beachfront view

Although it doesn’t come in the category of amenities, still homes or condos of beachfront offer a range of benefits. These rental homes will not only have a high occupancy rate but also be priced higher too. It doesn’t mean the rental home should be at the sandy shore. A sea view or beach view homes near to the beaches will attract guests. So, make sure that your home has access to the nearby beach and let the guests know regarding nearby access points.

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Kitchen appliances

It’s essential to keep the vacation home with necessities like glasses, mugs, plates, seasonings, cooking oils, spices, healthy supplies, and others. For a delightful look, you can include wine bottle openers and glasses. Here are a few kitchen amenities that you need to stock up in your vacation rental to make your guests comfortable. They include:

  • Utensils and sharp knives
  • Coffee maker
  • Rice cooker
  • Roasting pan
  • Colander
  • Peeler, blenders, and juicers
  • Thermometer
  • Corkscrews
  • Storage containers
  • Clean-up supplies

Bathroom amenities

Adding a few bathroom amenities in your vacation home will help to provide a spa-like experience to your guests. To blow the guests offer bath bombs, essential oils, bath salts, fluffy towels, body lotion, toothpaste, hair conditioner, and others.

Also, you can add hygiene supplies, as well as grooming and personal care baskets, including cotton rounds, wipes, sewing kits, disposable razors, and more. All these can give a great holiday experience to the guests.

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Bedroom amenities

A good sleep after traveling or sightseeing gives energy and a fresh feeling. So, considering quality sheets, fluffy pillows, and comforting blankets are essential to improve the sleeping experience of the guests. Also, you can include a few other things like:

  • Earplugs
  • Disposable sleep masks
  • Alarm clocks
  • Blinds or blackout curtains
  • An electric fan or air conditioner
  • Lightings
  • Mosquito nets
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Whether it’s summer evening or a New Year party, a barbecue party is the amazing one. Including barbecue grills in your vacation home makes it stand out from others and increases booking.

Books and DVDs

Books and DVDs

If you can’t provide access to cable TV, look out for alternatives like literature or a collection of the latest shows or films. Choose something for everyone from children to older ones. A list of few favorites is Matilda, The Goonies, Home Alone, Ratatouille, The Lion King, etc.

Baby equipment

Families with small children or babies will look for vacation homes that offer baby equipment to save their time for luggage packaging. So, stock the kitchen with baby plates, cutlery, and other things, which are required. You can even go a step ahead and include amenities like:

  • Stroller
  • High chair
  • Travel crib

In addition to the above, consider other amenities like outdoor lightings, cleaning-up supplies, storage space, pet-friendly necessities, washer, dryer, first aid kit, and so on.

You can choose the amenities for your vacation rental depending on its location, guest’s type, and space. Providing good amenities will help you in getting positive reviews about your vacation home and make the business successful.

Many real estate companies offer vacation rental properties with great amenities in Destin Florida. Among those, choose the best one and contact today to start or improve your business.

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