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Everyone wishes to look attractive and young whether a man or a woman. No matter whatever be the lifestyle of a person is, it is impossible to stay young forever. Due to this, there have been many rejuvenating techniques introduced to bring back to your elixir of youth.

Plasmolifting is one such procedure that is a sure shot completely reliable method for your skin and hair treatment as well as in curing many kinds of ailments. This process is based mainly on the rejuvenating effect of our body plasma that consists of blood platelets. This plasma is injected into the area that requires treatment through the Plasmolifting technique.

This technique was developed by two Russian scientists, Prof. R. R. Akhmerov and Associate Prof. R. F. Tool. The initial experiments were carried out on animals in 2001 and then in 2003, it was successfully carried out on humans. Since 2005, it is officially been used in various cosmetology and ailments.

The procedure is done by a platelet-rich plasma or a PRP tube that is used by many physicians worldwide for many therapeutic purposes. The success of PRP treatment depends on the tools and accessories mainly the PRP tube that gets the correct amount of platelet needed for a PRP injection. Rather PRP tubes are also needed for orthopedic surgeries like fractures, arthritis, joint disease, spinal disc injuries, sports or ligament injuries, cartilage problems, and much more. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that the increase in the number of PRP therapies has exceeded 130% between 2015 to 2020.

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Let’s see why is Plasmolifting is so much in demand:

  • Cost-effective
  • Simple procedure with no complications – it can be completed within 15 mins
  • Painless with no surgical process – since these are substances produced by our own body so no allergies, complications, adverse effects, and early recovery. Thus, a greater number of patients show willingness for this procedure.
  • Rapid healing
  • The healing effect of the process is natural and therefore highly sustainable
  • Due to its cost-effectiveness, simple and natural procedure, plasmolifting helps in many other treatment procedures.

The PRP tubes from Germany are available in numerous varieties for various treatments and procedures. Right from PRP gel tubes to serums for plasmolifting procedures, one can get anything that is needed for cosmetic or medical requirements. These tubes are made of superior hydrolytic quality and contain a separator gel, which creates a perfect barrier between the plasma and the blood elements. The anticoagulant prevents blood clotting and prevents platelet deformation.

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What drug is used for Plasmolifting?

It is interesting to know it is the body’s own concentrated platelet plasma that has magical properties that makes you look younger. The platelet-rich plasma

  • Promotes cell division
  • Enhances cellular metabolism
  • Regularises tissue growth
  • Regulates water balance
  • Improves and helps in the fast growth of collagen tissue, skin elasticity, intercellular elements thus accelerating skin healing and tissue repair process after Plasmolifting.

Patients like the idea that the process remedy is taken from their body so whether it’s a curative or cosmetology process, the benefits of the Plasmolifting technique are obvious.

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