Understanding Drug Addiction and Seeking Medical Help to Overcome It


Drug addiction is a condition wherein you get addicted to various kinds of drugs. This need not be limited to heroin or marijuana but can also be alcohol addiction or addiction to certain medications. You might have taken the prescription drugs for certain medical conditions or just for a one-time high, but you might have liked their effects and continued to take the same.

Dependency on Drugs

Dependency on Drugs

The reason why people might be addicted to drugs depends on various factors. If you are suffering from depression or post-traumatic stress, then drugs are not the only solution to resolve them. There are many drug addiction rehab San Diego centres such as Genesis Recovery headquartered in La Mesa, California, that have zero-tolerance addiction recovery programs to help you.

This rehab centre makes use of a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches to help you overcome your drug addiction. You can enrol in their 12-step programs and counselling sessions, where the professionals will guide you to live a healthy life.

The reason for your drug addiction can either be environmental or genetic. Genetic addiction can happen when you are depressed, suffer from medical conditions such as schizophrenia, autism, or are bipolar. Secondly, it also boils down to how much you can control yourself around such drugs.

Environmental factors can include living with people who have substance abuse issues, strong influencers, especially for teens, the need to fit into certain social groups, and the lack of positive motivators in the family.

When you consume drugs, you feel elated and happy. The reason for this is these drugs interfere with the normal functioning of the neurons in your brain. They cause the release of too many dopamine or serotonin neurotransmitters that alter your mood, leaving you feeling high

Drug Addiction in Teenagers

Drug Addiction in Teenagers

Teenagers are most likely to get easily swayed by drug addiction. If you have teenagers at home, you might need to pay attention to them. Sometimes, you find them moody and leave it all to their teenage hormones.

Paying close attention to certain red flags in their behaviour can help prevent cases of drug abuse:

  • Neglecting school
  • Disinterest in normal activities
  • Staying isolated or aloof
  • Red eyes and lack of motivation
  • Constantly asking for money

If your teenager is already into drugs, you can identify these from the below symptoms:

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Always in a state of high
  • Red eyes
  • The smell of drugs from their cloths
  • Hallucinations
  • Being Paranoid
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Mood swings

The above symptoms might be common even for drugs like cannabis, marijuana, bath salts, benzodiazepines, inhalants, opioids, club drugs, and barbiturates.

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teenager is already into drugs

You might need to seek medical intervention if you suddenly find them going into seizures, laboured breathing, pale in appearance, or having chest pains.

You might very well know that some teenagers are difficult to control. Cases of drug abuse need to be handled carefully. Let the professionals deal with them. They are experienced in such matters and can help them get enrolled in rehab centres.


When it comes to any type of drug, prevention is always better than cure. If you have been prescribed drugs by your doctor, ensure that you stick to the recommended dosage.

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