Dig In to The Facts About Stubborn Fat in Human Body


Dig In to The Facts About Stubborn Fat in Human Body 1

You’re not alone if you’ve been sticking to a diet and fitness plan, but are frustrated by stubborn fat in different body parts like tummy, legs, upper arms, or beneath your chin. Many of us struggle to tone our bodies in certain locations, even with a healthy regime. Understanding why this is occurring will assist in the right body toning treatment.

Our body’s nutritional requirements change with time and you may be contributing to stubborn fat by consuming the wrong diet. A diet based primarily on meat and dairy products is heavy in saturated fat, which results in a stubborn belly. Different fats, such as monounsaturated fats found in oil and avocados, or omega-3 fatty acids found in various nuts and seeds, as well as fatty fish, will act as an anti-inflammatory in the body. This is healthy and keeps the body active.

If you’re following a healthy regime including a healthy diet, lifestyle, and physical workout, still your body is not cooperating with you, then it’s time to seek help. The Body Massage Wellness Spa located on Welton Street, Denver, Colorado also offers non-surgical stubborn fat removal treatment. With the help of CoolSculpting, FDA approved medical procedure, they freeze unwanted fat. Their CoolSculpting specialists provide a free consultation where they answer all your doubts before you decide to start therapy with them.

Body fat is an issue that many people have irrespective of their age and status. The weight loss industry is also taking advantage of it by introducing new information about stubborn fat. Several of these facts have been revealed to be nothing more than the craziest thing and imperfectly studied data. If you’re fighting against fat consistently, some of the material below can help you understand what scientists are saying about it.

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Dig In to The Facts About Stubborn Fat in Human Body 2

Facts About Stubborn Body Fat

Stubborn Fat is Different from Regular Fat Physiologically

The difference between stubborn fat and regular fat is physiological. Fat cells have a variety of receptors for different activities, but only the alpha-2 and beta-2 receptors are significant in the case of stubborn fat. Alpha-2 receptors slow down fat burning, but beta-2 receptors increase fat burning speed. The relationship between the two receptors indicates the rate at which fat is burned. Stubborn fat areas have much more alpha-2 receptors than beta-2 receptors, which is why they’re so difficult to eliminate.

Different Body Parts Lose Fat Faster

You may have noticed that it is impossible to lose fat in specific areas. Exercise burns calories faster and you will lose weight from all over your body. Crunches are good for building power and toning the muscles near the belly button, but they won’t help you lose stubborn belly fat. Some people can lose weight faster in certain areas of their body than others.

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Dig In to The Facts About Stubborn Fat in Human Body 3

Hormones Play Important Role in Generating Fat

Medical science has proven that women gain more fat than men. This is because of the hormonal changes that occur in their body. The higher level of the stress hormone, cortisol, increases the body fat and makes it stubborn in various parts. Menopause, hormonal imbalance, PCOD, PCOS, etc. are some of the changes in women that contribute to stubborn body fat.

Due to the alarming effect of stubborn fat on the human body, people are encouraged to adopt healthy eating habits and increase their participation in whole-body activities. Stubborn fat is not only the root cause of obesity but along with it comes bad cholesterol levels, diabetes, and other heart ailments.

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