Dental hygiene 101: 5 habits for a stunning smile


Many people opt for teeth whitening treatments to create a glowing smile, and whilst this is a great option if something has caused the discoloration in your teeth, it’s still important to follow daily dental hygiene practices to keep them glowing.

Dental hygiene

Luckily, keeping your smile bright and fresh doesn’t have to be the most difficult job in the world, and you can maintain a healthy dental glow by simply following a few daily hygienic practices.

The best dental clinic South Yarra has available will offer top-class teeth whitening, but they will also provide advice on how to keep them looking bright and shiny after your whitening procedure, including:

  1. Clean your teeth after eating

One of the easiest – but most overlooked – things people can do to maintain healthy, shining teeth is to simply rinse them after dinner. This doesn’t mean rushing off to brush all the remaining food out of them post-dinner (although to be honest that would be ideal), but you can simply wash your teeth to ensure that most of the remaining food doesn’t stay in your teeth and gums.

  1. Apple cider vinegar is great

Apple cider vinegar is one of those buzz products that’s been around for centuries but is just being picked up on as one of the healthiest things going around.

It is also very good for your teeth, as it contains antibacterial properties which can help keep your mouth clean of plaque-creating bacteria.

Dental problems like bad breath and tooth decay are often attributed to bacterial growth, so gargling apple cider vinegar with a little water can work as a natural mouthwash alternative – all you have to do is add more water if the flavour gets too intense.

  1. Don’t forget to floss

Dentists and mothers across the world tout the vital effect of flossing – but this is for very good reason. Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth, as it helps get rid of any yucky buildup that occurs in the places your toothbrush can’t reach.

What’s more, it helps fight bleeding gums, as it makes your gum more resistant the more you floss. You don’t have to sit around flossing all day – no one wants to see that – but flossing after a big meal or before bed is a good way to clean your mouth a little after a day’s eating.

  1. Eat “detergent” foods

No, these are not foods that contain chemical-laden cleaning detergent – these are foods that naturally promote bright, shiny teeth as you eat. You will find the usual culprits in this list: lettuce, celery, apples, raw carrots, but you might also be interested to know that popcorn has a detergent effect, providing another great reason to get down to the cinema now that lockdown’s over.

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  1. Choose the perfect toothpaste for your teeth

Today’s dental products are often filled with ingredients that can actually be harmful to your teeth (crazy, right?). Certain whitening toothpaste contains chemicals that achieve an artificial whitening effect, but this is only because they contain abrasives that can potentially strip the teeths’ outer layer – something that is obviously not too flash for your dental hygiene.

But there are healthy teeth whitening kits out there without the nasty chemicals. Avoid teeth whitening products that contain carbamide peroxide as these can be bad for the teeth.

See, these are some pretty simple tips to keep your mouth clean and, consequently, your teeth shining. Things like rinsing and flossing are so often overlooked, but they are essential for maintaining healthy dentures – so get to it!

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