Common Reasons Why People Turn To Drug Addiction


Turn To Drug Addiction 2]'The causes of substance abuse are myriads and in different forms. Every addiction form differs and its intensity varies from one substance to another. Maybe it was peer pressure at a high school party to try drugs or a solution to try coping with work or family issues. Addiction develops from such initiating points and the frequencies increase where at a point the person builds tolerance and seeks stronger drugs to cope with the discomfort of problematic drinking that spirals into addiction.

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Common reasons why people turn to drug addiction

Turn To Drug Addiction 1

Easy accessibility & loose legal regulations

Alcohol and nicotine are the best example of loosely controlled legal drugs with a high addiction risk. The deaths from the use of tobacco and excessive boozing are in millions every year. Smoking cigarette is a habit that people pick from those around them. Alcohol drinking is normal but there is an addiction risk. Prescription medicines are technically legal but increase the risk of dependence or addiction.

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Prescription drugs

People think that they are using valid prescribed medication, so it is safe. Unfortunately, opioid prescriptions can open doors to drugs like heroin. More than 30% of ER cases are from opioid prescription drugs.

Peer pressure or fit it

Teens and young adults start to use the substance in an attempt to fit in. peer pressure causes them to do strange things, which they otherwise wouldn’t do normally to impress loved ones or friends. Wanting to feel accepted and valued makes young adults or teens accept the invitation to an alcohol or drug party. It is done without completely understanding the drug use severity and addiction.


A young person may feel curious and experiment with alcohol or drug. Mind-altering substances heighten the experiences and many feel it is worth exploring. They are unaware that Heroin, Meth, and Ecstasy are addictive pushing the person towards an abusive pattern even after one use.


Many people seek instant and temporary relief that alcohol or substance provides. Depression treatment is ignored and some even don’t know they are struggling with this condition. They self-medicate and to cope with depression choose marijuana, alcohol, or some euphoric substances.


This is a simple reason for doing drugs. There is a chemical reaction in the brain and users start feeling comfortable, happy, and euphoric. It makes the user feel good but soon the abuse sets in and from mild use the dosage moves to moderate and finally transforms into dependence.

There are many reasons to start using drugs and eventually develop an addiction. Addiction is a stage when professional help is needed. Many rehab centers have been helping drug abusers to start their recovery journey.

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