Cleaning of the Printer and Ink Cartridge


Printer and Ink Cartridge Cleaning 

Proper maintenance is key to increasing the shelf life of all kinds of electronic gadgets. The same goes for printers too. To know the best way of safeguarding the healthy performance of your printer is by going through the user manual in detail to learn about the printer model. You can even take the help of some websites that can provide step-by-step information about safeguarding the printers.

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Printer and Ink Cartridge Cleaning 

Printer and Ink Cartridge Cleaning 

The best way of learning everything about printer maintenance is by visiting the official webpage of your printer make and model or going through the user manual available with the printer unit. The normally available two-ink cartridge model is the universally used cartridge for all kinds of printers, and their cleaning and maintenance instruction is provided below.

  • Start with cleaning the rear electrical contacts or the nozzle plate. You can use the isopropyl alcohol here for cleaning purposes. The lint-free moist cloth is ideal in this case. Make sure that you clean the whole unit to remove the light traces of ink.
  • Switch on the printer unit so that the ink cartridge comes to the center. Now unplug the power cord and remove the cartridge from the printer. Make sure that you place the cartridge on paper.
  • When the nozzle dries, you can find white streaks on the graphic or the printed text. Even after you print many drafts, you cannot remove the clogs that are accumulated on the nozzles. Hence, the best way of cleaning the cartridge is by initiating the service from the printer software or the printer’s control menu.
  • Before replacing the cartridges, you should clean the surface thoroughly with the help of both wet and dry cotton swabs.
  • Place the cartridge inside the printer unit and plug the power cord to start printing work.
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Installation of the cartridges 

Printer Cleaning

Here is a brief explanation of how to install the cartridges into the printers.

  • Switch on the printer unit and press the power button to turn on the orienting unit.
  • Lift the lid of the access door by grabbing the handles on both sides.
  • The cartridge will come to the center of the unit.
  • Remove the old cartridge that is out of the ink by pressing it gently till it comes out with a pop sound.
  • Keep the used cartridge aside for disposal.
  • Take out the fresh ink cartridge from the packing. The color ink cartridge will have a blue top whereas the black and white cartridge will have a blacktop.

Make sure that you follow the necessary safety measures for managing the cartridge removal and insertion technique during the changing of the ink cartridge.

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