Bbqs 2u Presents Marinate Injector So That Spices Can Coat Every Ounce of the Chicken


BBQs 2u is all about the art of grilling and cooking food that has the smoky flavor from the charcoal. Their marketing strategy takes pride in keeping their customer needs on top priority. The entire family of BBQs 2u is involved in keeping the operations of their business running and in keeping the ancient grilling technique and flavors alive.

The grills they sell in the UK have high-quality manufacturing that enables them to withstand the harsh weather seasons as well when installed in the outdoors or backyards in the house of their customers. They have taken authorized dealerships of Napoleon and Kamado grill products.

BBQs 2u has a good social media presence with many followers who want to keep a check on the latest technological upcoming in the field of barbeque grilling. Various giveaways and freebies that they send to their followers have given this retail chain a lot of popularity and loyalty among many UK citizens who are either experts at grilling or even those who have just learned the art and want to make it a part of their life.

The Kamado Joe Infinity Island is yet another masterpiece that makes outdoor cooking so much easier. When combined with a Kamado Classic or a Big Joe, it gives a home chef restaurant-grade working space to show their cooking skills and get appreciation from their guests.

Kamado Joe

The Infinity Island XL can easily hold all formats of Kamado grills including the Big Joe III along with the charcoal supply. It has drawers to keep many of the barbeque accessories in a much organized manner. The stainless steel worktop is acid-proof and is polished to make it resistant to heat and to keep it grease-free.

All your pots and utensils can be carefully kept in the drawers with 68 liters volume while the bigger 4 drawers can keep pizza stones, iron grates, and heat deflectors safely. There is a separate drawer for storing charcoal. The island also comes with an ashtray to ensure that your surroundings are smoke-free.

Bbqs 2u

There are many holders to make functioning on the island smooth. Accessories, towels, and pot holders can easily find a space on this island. Thus, the perfectly designed islands make your outdoor cooking space not just look gorgeous but also feel sturdy to work with.

The Napoleon marinade injector is yet another accessory that many find interesting. With this imparting flavors even in the innermost layer of chicken becomes easy, thus, ensuring that the deliciousness is not just limited to the outer layer but is well incorporated in every bite of the roast chicken. Using a mix of their spice rub with this injector makes for a perfect recipe for roast meats during Christmas Eve.

Bbqs 2u

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However, one needs to be quick while purchasing the Black Friday event as stocks clear up pretty fast.

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